1974 Yamaha RD200

1974 Yamaha RD200


A very fast small-displacement two-stroke — this RD200 was marketed by Yamaha as having a potential 20hp to carry you up to 76mph! The air-cooled parallel twin motor is managed by a 5-speed gear box. This is one of the very few two-stroke motorcycles to have both a kick and electric starter! The electric starter was considered a redundancy since they kick over so easily. It has drum brakes front and rear, which lend a very classic look to the bike.

We have cleaned the carbs, rebuilt the petcock, and installed a new battery. Importantly, we bled the oil injection pump — and it works!

While the right side of the fuel tank is dented, it does not have any issues with leaks. In fact, the inside of the tank is in beautiful condition. (See photos.) The gauges that came on the vehicle were smashed, so we’ve replaced them.

Video: https://youtu.be/nuxPOZr_4us

Original odometer: 4,462 miles.
Replacement odometer: 14,018 miles.

VIN: 397203977


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