1974 Norton Commando Hi-Rider 850

1974 Norton Commando Hi-Rider 850


Most motorcycle factories believe in evolution in design. Bringing out something completely different is risky — if the public doesn’t like it, management has to explain the flop to angry shareholders. Yet despite the risks, every once in a while something unique and unexpected sees the light of day. The English Norton factory made its name building sport and sport touring bikes, but in 1971 Norton did the unexpected: the company introduced the Hi-rider, a factory custom inspired by the chopper craze and designed to appeal to the American cruiser rider.

This 1974 Commando Hi Rider is in wonderful condition and runs beautifully. 

• Carburetors have been fully serviced and this bike fires up on the first kick
• Front Brake Hydraulics have been completely serviced
• New U.K. made brake hose
• New master cylinder rebuild
• New caliper rebuild
• New fork seals and fresh fork oil
• Some dings on inner front mudguard
• Seat trim has some wear and tear
• The fuel tank is leak free, and is steel construction

I’m not positive if this is the original tank it left the factory with, but was on it when I had purchased the bike, and it has great patina & the correct look.

Most Norton enthusiasts of the day were sport oriented riders, and as a result a lot of Hi-riders were bought secondhand, stripped of their chopper bars and seat and turned into Roadsters for the better pursuit of canyon carving excellence. As a result, Hi-riders in their original garb are seldom seen. This example is one few left in stock condition.

Video: https://youtu.be/txgFGvV-DKg

Odometer: 10,167

VIN: 317295


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