1974 Honda CB360

1974 Honda CB360


The CB360 is an excellent mid-sized Honda with great maneuverability, balance, and plenty of power to get you around.

It was designed by Honda to succeed the prolific CB350 series. Not only does it have a slightly larger displacement, but the CB360 also has a 6th gear in the gearbox, and was tuned from the factory for broader range torque. It was marketed as a twin-cylinder alternative to the CB350/CB400 fours of the same era.

This model is very clean. It starts easily (please see the video below) and rides very well. It has been repainted in a very nice blue color. The mufflers are aftermarket and sound great. Factory-equipped with drum brakes front and rear for truly classic styling.

We gave the bike a full tuneup, including the installation of a Rick’s rectifier / regulator, which is a big plus regarding reliability and ride-ability in vintage machines. The points were cleaned and timing set. The carburetors were cleaned. New spark plugs as well.

Video: https://youtu.be/tOkwaXKDyYU

Odometer: 18,239 miles.


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