1974 Honda CB350F

1974 Honda CB350F


In 1969 Honda stunned the world with its CB750 Four - the first of the big-displacement, oil-tight, four cylinder bikes that Honda would go on to dominate the market with. Then came the CB500 Four, much to the delight of all motorcyclists. By reducing the size of the motorcycle the rider was given a sense of nimbler handling while still enjoying the reliable, power-producing features of an inline four.

In 1972, a year later, a 350cc four-cylinder motorcycles was released. This was the smallest multi-cylinder production bike every made. And why? Simply for Honda to show that they could. The UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) model that Honda had established as the standard could now be purchased in every displacement range.

We have done the following work:
• Rebuilt the front break system, including the caliper and master brake cylinder
• Installed a brand new and custom-to-fit seat
• Replaced the battery
• Installed a new petcock
• Thoroughly cleaned and synced the carburetors
• Installed pod filters
• Set the timing

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us! Please see all photos and watch the running video:

Video: https://youtu.be/f98OjKNcG3U

Odometer: 15,495 miles.

VIN: CB350F2007054


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