1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador 750

1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador 750


A unique and seldom-seen model, we have a patina survivor Ambassador! Wearing its factory white paint with vivid red pin stripe and tank logo, powered by a 757.5cc overhead valved iconic 90-degree V-twin.

The Ambassador was manufactured on the heels of the highly successful V7, but with Moto Guzzi’s largest motor to date. Encouraged into production by the American market, it was received well in the states, which is especially impressive given the dominance of Honda’s CB750 during the era.

Made to satisfy the demands of distance riders, the Ambassador carries 6 gallons of fuel (in comparison to the V7’s 4.5 gallon capacity). The newly enlarged V-twin produces 60 horsepower, a full 10 horsepower more than the previous generation. Noticeably longer than other European bikes, the Ambassador’s 57.5 inch wheel base brought a new level of highway stability. The well-designed and comfortable saddle sits 32 inches off of the ground, a comfortable height while at speed and stationary. As you may have noticed, a lot of the design features can still be found on new American cruisers, proof that the Italians got it right the first time!

Similar to the BMW’s, the drive shaft spins with the direction of the crank, so that the torque can be physically felt. While not considered a performance machine, the Ambassador is rated at a top speed above 100mph, so it’s certainly no slouch. In true Moto Guzzi fashion it has massive drum brakes for surprisingly adapt stopping power.

Despite the conservative style and muscle-bike appeal, the details on this bike are noticeably European and refined. The fuel tank is copious with its chrome knee guards. The side covers have grills for increased airflow. The speedometer and tachometer are distinct and proudly mounted over the triple trees. The white paint on our example is one of three factory options, and the red pin striping and details were deliberately chosen for their stark contrast and ability to stand out.

We’ve gone through the bike to make it a functioning and riding machine (see video below). It has fresh fluids, new spark plugs, and other basic maintenance items seen to.

Walk around, starting, and idling video: https://youtu.be/-IFiz8ZsGaA

Odometer: 3,094


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