1971 Honda CB350

1971 Honda CB350


The CB350 is one of the world’s most prolific bikes from the golden age of motorcycling, when Honda absolutely dominated the market. Because of the massive number of units produced and sold (more 350’s were sold from 1971-73 than all motorcycles were sold in 2018) there is excellent parts availability for these models, and a huge aftermarket.

This example has a great, retro purple color. While the original paint does show some patina and pitting, it is nothing unusual for its age. All of the metal is in great shape, including the chrome fork shrouds and aftermarket exhaust, both of which give the bike a clean and tidy look. The fuel tank has been resealed. (See photos).

We have replaced the battery, spark plugs, wires and caps. The carbs have been cleaned and synced. It has a new petcock, new fuel lines, and new fuel filters. The points have been cleaned and the timing set. Overall, this bike is a good runner and rider (see video link below). The kill switch does not work, so it is a turn-key kill — fortunately, the ignition has been relocated to just above the triple trees.

Odometer: 6,486 miles.

Video: https://youtu.be/so7AbRXd1bA


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