1970 Bridgestone TMX100

1970 Bridgestone TMX100


Motorcycles like this 1970 Bridgestone TMX 100 are great examples of what these also-ran manufacturers were capable of in the 70's.

Bridgestone is well known throughout the world as a tire manufacturer, but beginning in 1958, it was also a builder of high-quality, small-displacement, rotary valve two-stroke motorcycles. Imports to the United States didn't begin until 1963, when it sold scooters through the Rockford Scooter Company (which was also doing business with Mitsubishi in the form of the Silver Pigeon.) Slowly, a small network of Bridgestone dealers began to creep across the country, but by the time they took hold, the big Japanese brands had a foothold they would never relinquish, and by 1971 Bridgestone would be out of the motorcycle business.

The 100 TMX, designed for on and off-road duty, was the big seller for Bridgestone in 1970. The 10 hp rotary valve engine was coupled to a stout four-speed transmission, and could ring-a-ding you down the road with the best of the small two-strokes available.

In their day, these tiny bikes were hot performers known for exceptional handling and outstanding quality. This particular example model runs, shifts, and stops, but is not a perfect show bike by any means. Really fun to tool around on! Only missing a few original ancillary items like the original knee pads, and the throttle appears to be aftermarket.

Odometer: 3,142 miles.


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